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I cannot believe it’s already my very favorite month of the year! Nothing beats a day in October… the chill in the air, Halloween movies, pumpkin spice, leaves falling, coffee drinking, candle making (and burning!), football watching, sweater wearing….I COULD GO ON FOREVER!

It is also the one year anniversary of Witch & Willow! Yep, a WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR since I started this little venture. And what a crazy year it has been… I’ve poured hundreds of candles, printed just as many labels, gone to many craft fairs, met some lovely people, and have been absolutely humbled by the response to my creations. And while that may all sound great, I’ll admit that I’ve also wrestled with self-doubt, overthought every tiny detail, and had a couple meltdowns along the way…

As many probably know, I took a break from it all after the Cupid’s Market show in February. After the loss of a family member, our lives changed quickly! Making candles was the last thing on my mind in the midst of grief, moving from a home I had grown to love (I get REALLY attached quite easily.. *sigh*), and remodeling our new house. One day I realized I was completely OUT of candles and was going back and forth…should I make them or just buy them? I decided to use up all the supplies I had left & see what happened. That led to purchasing more supplies; fun jars, scents, dyes, and even glitter! Which led to more and more candle-making.

After weeks of wondering if I should keep the shop going or not I finally decided to recommit myself to my little business! I absolutely LOVE the candle-making process. It gives me a place to focus all of my pent up creative energy. Making something useful, completely from scratch, makes me feel accomplished like nothing else in the world.

So here I am now… still full of doubt, but also brimming with creativity, passion, and ideas! I will commit myself to one day at a time when it comes to my business and hopefully the rest follows.

Here are my goals for the upcoming months:

  1. I hope to blog A LOT more. I think the problem many (including me!) have when it comes to blogging is writing for other people vs. writing for yourself… I think if you just write what you enjoy and what feels good, the rest will take care of itself.
  2. Making more and more candles!!!!
  3. Experiment! I’m thinking bath & body products are next!
  4. Get my products ONLINE.
  5. Finish setting up my home studio.
  6. ENJOY it all.

xo J

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