• WHY SOY WAX? We make our candles using soy wax for many reasons! Soy is a sustainable/renewable source(we have as much as farmers want to grow!), unlike paraffin which is made from petroleum by-products. We use natural soy wax grown by US farmers to make our candles, which supports the economy. Soy wax is also cleaner-burning & longer-lasting. It is bio-degradable & water-soluble! This is great news for those random wax melt spills(EASY-PEASY clean up!). 
  • DO YOUR CANDLE WICKS CONTAIN LEAD? The wicks in all our candles are LEAD & ZINC FREE!
  • HOW DID YOU GET STARTED MAKING SOY CANDLES? Being a naturally crafty person(and a huge candle lover!), I searched online for a candle making kit, and fell in love with the candle-making process! From there, it has been a lot of trial & error and experimentation to make products that I am passionate about!
  • WHERE ARE THE CANDLES MADE? All products are handmade by ME in my home studio in central Washington State!
  • WHERE CAN I BUY THE CANDLES? Our candles are available here in our online shop & on Etsy. Or you can catch us at a local craft show! Check our events page for details.


  • KEEP CANDLE WICKS TRIMMED! This is the greatest advice for a long-lasting and cleaner-burning candle!
  • Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours for the best scent throw and cleanest burn. This also prevents the candle container from becoming too hot which can be a fire hazard. (Put your candle out and light a new one!)
  • Keep candles away from children & pets!
  • Keep candles away from draperies, furniture, drafts, etc!
  • It is very important that the first burn of a soy candle reaches a FULL melt pool(when the melted wax is from wall to wall of the container/the full diameter of the container.) This is will prevent your soy candles from "tunneling".